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The Manitoba Two-Spirit, Gay, Bisexual, and Queer (2SGBQ+) Men’s Health Study was interested in finding out about the health and wellbeing of 2SGBQ+ men in Manitoba, including their physical, mental, and sexual health.  


Between 2018-2020 we conducted a community-based research study consisting of an online survey and interviews.


Our purpose was to gather the evidence needed to create a holistic understanding of 2SGBQ+ men’s health and service access in Manitoba.

Preliminary findings can be accessed here

This study was led by a Dr.Rusty Souleymanov at the Faculty of Social Work,  University of Manitoba, with various community partners.

The recruitment of study participants has been completed.

This study is currently in the knowledge dissemination phase. 

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Dr. Rusty Souleymanov​